Christy Sutherland

Speaking Background

Christy Sutherland has a story to tell—one that inspires women from every walk of life. She currently travels to churches across the country, ministering to women and encouraging them in their faith.

“I love encouraging other women because I’ve been where most of them are. God has brought me out of so much hurt and disappointment and into so much blessing,” Christy says.

Because of her experience with singing, songwriting, acting, and vocal coaching, speaking comes naturally to Christy. She loves to weave her songs throughout her talk to help her effectively convey the message.

“As a songwriter, I’m used to communicating thoughts and telling stories. As a vocal coach, I’m used to teaching. And as a believer, I love talking about my faith. So this was a natural fit,” Christy says.

Christy has a way of inspiring people at every point along their life’s journey. Wherever they are, she offers hope and truth from God’s Word that helps them to live their best lives.

It’s often said that Christy takes you on a journey as she speaks, giving you reason to laugh, cry, and dream with her, teaching lessons of God’s love, grace, and truth along the way. When she’s finished, there’s no doubt that you’ll be motivated to live out the destiny God has for you.

“Christy is so authentic and full of hope. Her story is inspiring and is one that I believe can help many people, especially women,” says Tamara Graff, co-pastor of Faith Family Church, in Victoria Texas. “She is a gifted communicator, and I continually recommend her to anyone who asks.”