Christy Sutherland

Acting Background

With her debut film, “Welcome to Inspiration,” Christy Sutherland has made a graceful transition from the stage to the screen. Based on the popular book "The Street Sweeper" by Tim Enochs, this movie follows several characters as they search for truth in their lives. Christy plays the lead role of Laura Ann, a young woman who rescues a runaway and along the way, learns the value of truth.

Christy learned about the film through a friend of hers, Jason Crabb, and was delighted when Crabb’s manager called asking if he could pitch her for the movie. Acting was a new venture for Christy. She had never studied or pursued it but had always wanted to, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So she said yes.

Jaime Dudney, Christy’s sister-in-law and actress best known for her role on As The World Turns, gave Christy a crash course in acting, and she tried out for the lead role. Throughout the audition and filming process, Christy worked hard to do well.

“Jaime advised that I watch The Actor’s Studio, so I did, non-stop. In one of the episodes, Brad Pitt said that you could never research too much. So I researched like crazy. I read, interviewed, and read some more. I had way more information than I even needed!” she laughs.

Though she is technically a newcomer, Christy feels she’s been ‘acting’ for years. She believes her career in music has prepared her well for this new endeavor.

“Every time you’re singing, you’re acting. You are that character for three minutes. So this was just like a much longer song. It’s just another expression of what I already do.” she says.

Christy’s performance proves her experience in playing characters, and apparently, the critics agree. She has already received the Artist Music Guild award for Actor of the Year twice.

Though she is open to various types of shows and films, Christy loves when they portray themes of faith, family, and inspiration. Despite the success she has already seen, she is even more excited about what is to come.

“I love everything about this process, especially getting to become another character. I can’t wait to do more,” she says.

Since “Welcome to Inspiration” wrapped, Christy played a bit role in “A Belle for Christmas,” a Christmas movie starring Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, Haylie Duff, and “Mountain Man” from Duck Dynasty. She also recently filmed a sitcom pilot and is actively seeking out both television and film roles.